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*  The Unlikely Admiral  
Jungle Encounter in Africa
Like a small tributary becomes a mighty river a little boy in a canoe paddles his way to the ocean to become a man.

* Pipe Baby Turbo-Beaver in Nigeria
Encounters in Africa 2
Loud as bullfrogs and influential as Gandhi, Pipe Babies are a force to reckon with.

* The Cookie Bringer Cessna 206 in Nigeria
Encounters in Africa 1
 Smuggling does not always involve automatic weapons or munitions of war. Smuggling can mean a chocolate chip cookie.

*Once Was Enough: From South Africa to Mozambique. DHC-1 Tiger Moth
By Lorne Goulet
If you were approached by a mysterious woman, claiming to work for world unity, and asked to fly political refugees out of Apartheid South Africa would you go? Here is the story of one Canadian bush pilot who did!

* Flying the Cessna Caravan in West Africa: Cessna 208 in Nigeria
Float flying in the Niger River Delta.
The story about flying a Caravan in West African was originally written for the Cessna Caravan News, (Vol. 10, No.3 Summer 1996.). You may have already seen the edited version in the newsletter. Virtual Horizons will now bring to you the full unedited version as it was intended to be published, with some extra photos thrown in for good measure.

*Four Days in a Cat: Inside Africa Catalina in Africa
By Chuck Ellsworth
A flying boat captain recounts the trials of ferrying a PBY Catalina up the backbone of Africa. From South Africa to Saudi Arabia in four grueling but memorable days.

*The Eye of the Elephant
An Epic Adventure in the Africa Wilderness
Mark & Delia Owens used their bush planes extensively to monitor African wildlife and actively stop poaching. Read what happens when you cross the thin line between flying for a living and flying for life.

*The Wisdom of Wilderness
Eight incredible stories of Tom Claytor's encounters in Africa
Braving a solo existence in the sky, bush pilots are often the adventurers that link the lonely inhabitants of distant lands. Soaring above the few wild places left on our planet - across endless deserts, tangled jungles, jagged mountains, treacherous plains of ice - these unique pioneers serve as communication links for their "neighbours" residing in desolate regions.
      In December 1990, bush pilot Tom Claytor set off from Philadelphia, USA on a journey. He is attempting to fly around the world via all seven continents to visit the wilderness. The pilot Charles Lindbergh believed that man could learn the most from "the wisdom of wilderness".

*African Bush Pilot School
Adventures Anytime Anywhere
The Bush Pilot School offers advanced training to pilots from PPL level to ATP on how to fly a light aircraft in and out of short bush and mountain strips nestled amongst obstacles and at high elevations. Landing in unimproved area's, mountain flying, survival, precautionary & emergency landings

Cessna 206 over an African Delta.

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